About US


Established in 1988, Ace Auto Scrapyard prides itself on being the most efficient technology driven Automotive Scrapyard in South Africa. We stock over 2 000 vehicles, which are being stripped for spare/second-hand parts, along with over 100 vehicles, which can be bought for rebuilds. We also stock over 4 000 new replacement (Ace Parts) and new original vehicle parts. Our friendly, well-trained team of staff always ensure that our customers get the highest level of service possible. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and we want customers to leave, feeling like they are part of the Ace Auto family.

Professional Vehicle Management and Disposal Solutions

As an leading partner to some of South Africa’s premier short term insurers, banking and finance institutions, Ace Auto combines technologically and advanced management systems, a superior knowledge of the industry, highly trained and professional staff and a solid track record in sales. With our finger on the pulse we are able to provide tailor-made services to meet all our customer’s needs.
Ace Auto specialises in the following types of vehicles:
  • Salvage (Accident damaged, stolen and recovered)
  • Pre-owned (Fleet, rentals and second hand)
  • Repossessed
  • Commercial

Our Services and Expertise

  • Nationwide transportation of all vehicles including accident damaged and second hand vehicles
  • Automated upliftment confirmation of all vehicles
  • Nationwide storage facilities equipped with Assessment Centres
  • Advanced vehicle management systems
  • Nationwide sales network via our online website
  • Facilitation of the transfer of title documents
  • Specific to the insurance industry:
    • Up to date statistics on the various aspects of salvage management
    • Release fees
    • Turnaround times
    • Salvage efficiencies
    • Benchmarking
    • Market trends
    • Dealer stocking
    • Assistance with stolen and recovered assets
Companies or customers requiring our services can contact us directly on 011 811 5855.


On average we have over 100 rebuild/damaged vehicles available to buy online or at our Springs and Cape Town branches. You can find a wide selection from motor bikes, cars, bakkies, caravans and delivery vehicles. Making it easy for you to find any damaged vehicle. Just use our filter tabs on the left of the rebuilds page. (Shop Now)
Ace Auto has hundreds of vehicles available for sale weekly, across the country. Vehicles are sold either by direct sales at our branches or online (Buy Now). Ace Auto has a wide variety of stock on offer ranging from the smallest sedan to the latest top of the range 4x4. (All makes and models)

Parts & Cars

Ace Auto prides itself in selling new, aftermarket and used vehicle parts.

New Car Parts

These are bought new from our supplier network who are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified.

Aftermarket Car Parts

These are the vehicle parts that are not OEM certified but are identical in function and design. Aftermarket vehicle parts cost less than factory fitted parts and are guaranteed. An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car's maker. If the parts are direct replacement parts, they will not void your car's warranty. Some aftermarket parts are equal to or better than the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.

Used Car Parts

These car parts have been stripped from damaged, per-owned, fleet or repossessed vehicles that cannot be repaired and put back on the road.

Vehicle Classification

Accident Damaged

Accident damaged vehicles are acquired through short term insurers or uninsured private individuals and are often the cheapest way to own a vehicle, however you will need to repair it.

Stolen and Recovered

Stolen and recovered vehicles also acquired through short term insurers. When vehicles are not recovered after a certain period, the insured is paid out. When the vehicle is eventually recovered, the insurer sells it through Ace Auto.

Pre Owned

These are second hand vehicles.


These vehicles are acquired from companies who specialise in fleet vehicles, such as a vehicle rental company. They usually have low mileage.


Repossessed vehicles are acquired through banks and finance institutions.

Corporate Social Investment Programmes


Ace Auto Scrapyard adopted Ayoba Yo Youth Soccer Academy in 2013. The Academy merged together with Ace Auto Scrapyard to form Ace Auto Ayoba. Ace Auto Ayoba aims at continuing partnerships for Corporate Social Investment programmes as well as upliftment and giving back to the Community.


Ayoba Yo Youth Soccer academy is a community-based development project which was born in 2008 by Mr. Innocent Mayoyo. Mr. Mayoyo had a previous career as a professional goalkeeper for Orlando Pirates. Currently he is now a development coach as well as the president of the Sports Confederation Region E (Nigel, Brakpan and Springs). Innocent has devoted his life to developing the underprivileged community and giving young children a way forward in life through soccer, sports and education.

The Academy

The academy has 6 teams which are made up of 20 players each as well as coaches and admin staff (U11, U13, U15, U17, U19) Innocent conducts life skill seminars, educational talks as well as classes to prepare the players for upcoming exams Ace Auto Scrapyard gives money on a monthly basis to the academy in order for Ace Auto Ayoba to be a sustainable organization. Ace Auto Ayoba provides these young children with role models, mentors as well as safe spaces where each individual is treated with respect and love.

Giving Back

Alan Levin the Director of Ace Auto Scrapyard partnered with Innocent Mayoyo to work as a team in developing underprivileged communities in and around Springs. In 2015 Ace Auto Scrapyard donated R50 000 to the academy so it could participate in the SAB regional league (semiprofessional). Ace Auto Scrapyard has supplied Ayoba Yo with over 120 tracksuits and 6 sets of playing kits for the teams. Ace Auto Scrapyard donated a branded vehicle to Ayoba Yo to help transport the players to matches and practices. Ace Auto Scrapyard has funded the whole soccer programme from 2013 to date. Ace Auto Scrapyard hosted a graduation ceremony for Ayoba Yo for 300 guests in November 2018.

Mandela Day 2019

Our most recent 2019 project was for Mandela Day which included rebuilding and renovating a Daycare center in one of the informal settlements in Kwa-Thema, Springs (Langaville). This project was initiated by Ace Auto Scrapyard. They donated the building of the classroom as well as raised money and collected donations for the rest of the project. All the coaches and players from Ayoba Yo gave of their time and effort to make this possible by volunteering to paint, clean and build. This great upgrading initiative and project got wide coverage by the local papers as well as SuperSport. At Ace Auto Ayoba we believe in giving back and creating a space where underprivileged children can feel safe and no matter their circumstances have the choice for a better future.