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Pinnacle Primimig 251 C 250A 220V Compact

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  • Category: Hardware
  • Name: Pinnacle Primimig 251 C 250A 220V Compact
  • SKU: SC-42

Primimig 251C 220V Multi-Function MIG Welding Machine

Multi function MIG welding machine, PrimiMig 251C is a single phase CO2 welding machine, ideal for light fabrication, automotive and heavier maintenance applications, with MIG, MMA and lift TIG function. Supplied with MIG torch, earth cable, flowmeter and cylinder tray in a complete kit ready to weld. The PrimiMig 251C delivers excellent welding performance on a complete range of base materials.

PrimiMig 251C Characteristics:

  • Single-phase, fan-cooled, compact MIG welder with advanced IGBT technology.
  • Multi function welder with MIG, MMA, lift TIG function.
  • Adjustable burn back control.
  • Self-compensate voltage fluctuation, less spatter, easy arc.
  • Weld flux cored and gas-less wire.

Techinal Data | PrimiMIG 251C MIG Welding Machine

Product PrimiMIG 251C MIG Welding Machine
Product Type Multi Process MIG Welding Machine
Welder Type MIG / ARC / TIG
Includes: MB25 4M MIG Torch, Flow meter
Code: 6-100120
Input Voltage AC 230V ±10%, 1 Phase
Rated Power Capacity 10.4 kva
No Load Voltage 54V
Output Current 10-250 Amps
Rated Input Current 45A
Duty Cycle % (40ºC) 60%
Welding Wire Size 0.6 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 mm
Weight 43 kg
Dimension (mm) 880 x 290 x 610 mm

PrimiMIG 251C MIG Welding Machine Technical Data Sheet

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